X-FORE Can Cannon Launcher Package + M200 Blanks

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Expected release date is Jan 28th 2021






X Products manufactures and develops products that are built to withstand a life…


X Products manufactures and develops products that are built to withstand a lifetime of abuse, and many of our products are therefore given a limited lifetime warranty. The X Products warranty covers all products produced by X Products unless otherwise specified in the item description. Such items not included in the warranty are projectile devices such as balls, spears, cups and grappling hooks.


The X-FORE Golf Ball Launcher package for the Can Cannon is here!

After months of prototyping and testing X Products is pleased to announce the X-Fore Can Cannon Golf ball adapter is in Production. This adapter will fit any Cannon with the Circle (R) 2. For older Can Cannons see our conversion kit and update your port to the current model at this link G2 Port.

To make the product as reliable, safe and accurate as possible we used the same Impact Extrusion technology used on the Can Cannon. This process creates a monolithic tube pressed from a single ingot formed in a high pressure mold to create a seamless part with a near perfect inside diameter of 1.685 inches.  

Why would we go to extremes to make the perfect part for a golf ball launcher? To maximize performance! The Rules of Golf, jointly governed by the R&A and the USGA, state a golf ball can be no smaller than 1.68 inches. After testing thousands of golf balls we realized most if not all current manufacturers strive to hit this target, which made for a perfect fit. The fit is so perfect that the ball will either roll in or press in gently. The air pressure inside the tube will hold the ball on both horizontal plane and a negative angle, allowing the shooter to shoot at any angle.

Prepare to Be Wowed!

Depending on ball fit and blank cartridge the X-Fore can shoot up to 500 yards! Although fun and beyond entertaining the X-Fore needs to be treated with respect, it could be deadly if shot at any live object. 

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