.308 M.U.L. Launcher Sleeve + Port Kit

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X Products manufactures and develops products built to withstand a lifetime of a…


X Products manufactures and develops products built to withstand a lifetime of abuse, all our products are therefore given a limited lifetime warranty, unless otherwise specified in the item description.



Convert your AR .308 into a Launcher System

Bigger, badder and chock-full of AWESOME! The .308 Multi Use Launcher (M.U.L.) port & sleeve kit converts an AR .308 upper into a powerful launcher system. Simply push in the gas port, and screw down the pressure tube and you're ready to launch.

Prepare to Be Wowed!

The M.U.L. is exceedingly well made and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The package allows you to shoot full size projectiles, and the ability to install the X-Fore golf ball launcher (note: X-Fore is sold seperately).

Depending on ball fit and blank cartridge the X-Fore in the M.U.L can shoot a golf ball over 1000 yards, 400 yards further than the Can Cannon! Although fun and exceedingly entertaining the X-Fore needs to be treated with respect, it could be deadly if shot at any live object. 

Safety + Performance

The M.U.L. launcher tube is manufactured using an impact extrusion a precision process creates a near perfect concentric tube with a +- tolerance of .003 thousandths, providing a perfect gas fit around projectiles, minimizing gas leaks while maximizing shooting performance and safety. Impact extrusion parts are dense, porous-free, and stronger than other metal-forming techniques thanks to the resulting highly uniform metal grain alignment that produces superior quality and durability. The impact process naturally hardens non-heat-treatable alloys. There are no fire cracks, pores, or parting lines to weaken the part. 


Haven't you always wanted a high power launcher? Of course you do! Projectile options are only limited by your creativity and local laws, many customers are 3D printing projectiles making the impossible, possible. Our BATFE approved design is not considered a destructive device or a firearm, and does not change the designation of your existing firearm. Each unit is sold as a pressure tube, and headspaced and ported barrel that easily screws directly on any AR .308 upper. The system is compatible with any bolt carrier assembly, including most piston bolts, and charging handles. Protected by our no-hassle lifetime warranty, if there is a problem we will replace, repair or refund. 

Optional Projectiles

*Does not include BCG and Charging Handle

Download the Can Cannon Manual here.

WARNING: There is a limited blank offering due to the pin that prevents live ammo from loading. Shorter blanks are necessary to operate this sytem.

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