Grappling Hook for Can Cannon

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X Products manufactures and develops products built to withstand a lifetime of a…


X Products manufactures and develops products built to withstand a lifetime of abuse, all our products are therefore given a limited lifetime warranty, unless otherwise specified in the item description.



Can Cannon Grappling Hook

The high quality aluminum grappling hook is designed to work with the X Products Can Cannon and Multi Use Launcher (M.U.L.). The Grappling Hook's 1/4" thick on all surfaces are incredibly strong. The spring-loaded arms deploy upon exit and prevent projectile deflection when striking an object. When combined with MULE tape (a high strength - low stretch polyester pulling tape) it can propel a grappling hook up to 90 yards, making it the ideal tool for unexpected situations.


From arborist, to search and rescue teams, this projectile can be the line launching device that saves a human who's fallen into rushing water or can help an arborist pull a falling tree in a desired direction. It is not a gimmick and incredibly well made. When paired with the M.U.L launcher and MULE tape will send a projectile up to 150 yards. Top Shot winner Dustin Ellerman used it to pull a 16" diameter tree down with a  2.5 ton military truck, not only did it break the tree, the grappling hook surfaced unscathed. You can see the video here: Pulling a Tree

We warrant that this product will 100% do as claimed. We will not warranty mis-use or abuse of the product, therefore it is not covered by our Lifetime Warranty as damage can occur when the projectile strikes hard objects. Spare parts are available for purchase. 

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