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 Violett Model M: Elevate Your Air, Elevate Your Life

Welcome to a new era of air purification – introducing the Violett Model M, the most effective air filtration technology in the world. Be the first to experience the unparalleled power of military-grade innovation, now available to the public exclusively through X-Products. 


1,000,000 times better

Your Guardian in Every Breath:

Protect your family, support recovery, and prepare for future outbreaks with Violett Model M. The most powerful portable air filtration and disinfection system. 


Key Features:

Kills 99.9999% of All Biological Pathogens 
Clears an 800 Square Foot Room in 30 Minutes
Air Quality Monitoring and Notification
Comprehensive Filtration:
Removes Pollen, Pathogens, Smells, Smoke, and Nuclear Fallout

Technical Details:

Size: 20” D x 36”
Weight: 40 lbs
Warranty: 1 Year



Cutting-Edge Technology

Activated Carbon Filter: Removes harmful VOCs
HEPA Filter: Eliminates pollen, allergens, and most pathogens, setting the stage for pristine air.
Nanotechnology Filter: World-class odor removal, leaving your space smelling as fresh as it is clean.
Revolutionary Cyclonic UVC Chamber: Viruses are slowed down, exposed to high-intensity UVC light, and obliterated, ensuring your air is pathogen-free.