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A military-grade air disinfection device born in the lab at the US Dept. of Defense.

Violett produces the world's most powerful air filtration and disinfection system. Lab tested by universities and third-party research companies, the Violett has proven to be the most effective device on the market for cleaning air and killing viruses and pathogens. Testing has proven it to be over 1 million times more effective than a leading competitor.

This product is currently only sold to healthcare facilities in the United States, but the first sale to the public will be available to X-Products customers. NOTE: Expect a 3 Week Delivery Time for Black Models

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Air Quality Sensor

Keep track of your air quality through our web-based app dashboard with data visualization.

Large space, small time

Violett disinfects the air faster with a true single-pass disinfection, covering ~800sq ft in 30 minutes.


Violett can kill all airborne pathogens including SARS-CoV-2.


Violett is quiet and produces a similar noise level as a standard fan.


Violett utilizes a HEPA grade pre-filter to remove dust, allergens, pet dander, etc.

Plays well with others

Violett is safe to use directly near people and pets, all UVC light is fully enclosed and no ozone is produced.

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