Price: $129.99

Can Cannon® AR-15 Soda Can Launcher Tube and Port Kit

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  • Can Cannon launcher Kit for AR15
  • Can Cannon launcher Kit for AR15
  • Can Cannon launcher Kit for AR15
  • Can Cannon launcher Kit for AR15
  • Can Cannon launcher Kit for AR15
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Price: $129.99




NOTE: Flat Dark Earth Can Cannon DIY Kits will take a few extra days due to special coating. Black units will ship right away.

Our proprietary launcher technology means maximum shooting fun!  

Now you can use your AR-15 rifle upper receiver to assemble your own Can Cannon® launcher so you can hit the range with your buddies and shoot soda cans, tennis balls, shaving cream and virtually any off-the-shelf item you can fit in the sleeve. Or, use any of our exclusive X Products official Can Cannon® accessories: 

The Can Cannon® AR-15 Soda Can Launcher Tube and Port kit is also compatible with our super-fun Sub Caliber Golf Ball Launcher and have the best time of your life at the range! Buy the Can Cannon® AR-15 soda can launcher now and get ready for years of fun.  (Golf Ball Sleeve available May 1st)

Read on for the details of this unique, exciting product that will give you a shooting experience you never knew you could have:  

This power-packed kit includes one factory-certified X Products Can Cannon® launcher tube, and one Gen II gas port assembly.  Our Can Cannon® launcher tube is masterfully produced using state-of-the-art production technology!  We use a dedicated forging tool that presses a single ingot of aluminum into a monolithic tube.  What you’ll get is an incredibly strong, air-tight seamless part with maximum air pressure, holding a .001 tolerance inside the length of the tube.  Performance, consistency, and safety are all built into this massively fun device that will expand your world of shooting. Fun in a way you’ve never known before.  This kit includes our GEN II port system, which gives you the flexibility to use any factory AR-15 bolt and our Mil Spec M200 blanks.  The Gen II gas port’s assembly sports a threaded face, so you can mount accessory attachments like our Sub Caliber Golf Ball Launcher and have a blast.  (Note: The system is pinned and does not allow live ammunition to be loaded thus preventing injury to the user.  It is also BATFE approved as a non-firearm when installed on your rifle lower or pistol lower.  IT DOES NOT re-classify your firearm.)

Installation is simple:

1. Push the Gen II port assembly into your AR-15 upper receiver.

2. Hand tighten the Can Cannon tube onto the barrel nut threads. 

3. Slide in your charging handle and bolt assembly.

4. Install your lower receiver


Those easy steps take less than a minute!  So does ordering online NOW.

Manufactured in Vancouver, Washington, USA. Comes hard-coat anodized and includes X Products LLC’s award-winning factory support and lifetime-warranty.



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