X1 Stand Alone Launcher Progress

X1 Stand Alone Launcher Progress

Posted by X Products Team on Jul 26th 2021

The team at X Products has finalized the design and manufacture of the X1 Launcher and is patiently awaiting BATFE approval before the final launch. If you are unfamiliar with the X1 it is a non-firearm, blank operated, turnkey launching system based on our Can Cannon. The revolutionary design is not a firearm, as it runs on 5.56 blank cartridges and cannot load a live round, and like our Can Cannon it can launch a variety of projectiles like grappling hooks, Spears, Golf Balls, and Soda Cans incredible distances with the power of a blank. What is truly unique about the X1 is not that is a turnkey system, but that it is engineered to use a 3D printed receiver that can be configured for endless applications.

X1 X Products Launcher

You may have already seen a picture of the X1 with what looks like a Remington 870 receiver, this it is not. Instead, it is unique trigger mechanism that is incased in a 3D printed cover with the outward appearance of an 870 shotgun which allows the end user to mount any 870 parts to it providing an endless menu of accessories to choose from. What is even more incredible is that the firing assembly held together by a single threaded screw, which can be removed by an Allen Head wrench making it easy for you to swap configurations or design your own body, making possibilities endless!

The firing system for the X1 is truly unique, and from our knowledge is one of the safest ever designed. Unlike most triggers there is no hammer, instead a firing pin with a specially designed shell builds tension as you pull the trigger, once a sear reaches its breaking point the firing pin is released, and it fires the launcher. There is never preloaded tension against the firing pin, so it cannot fire without someone pulling the trigger and therefore is safe when loading or transporting. In addition, the trigger not only fires the mechanism but opens the housing as well, simply push the trigger forward and it unlocks a hinged plate, as the X1 opens an ejector above the bolt pulls spent blank casing and removes it from the chamber, presenting a clean chamber ready for the next blank. The design is clean, simple to use and aesthetically pleasing (due single mounting pin that provides a smooth outward appearance). To date there is nothing like it, and we must say the design did not just fall into our lap, it took years of development, and a team effort to get to this point. We have a huge debt of gratitude to our team for the work they have done, and we expect to design and release a variety of configurations for varying applications, as well we also intend to offer an open-source model for consumers to develop their own accessories and features, which is very exciting for everyone!

X Products X1 Launcher

The clock is ticking, and we are hopeful that the ATF gets our approval through soon. X Products is listing the X1 at a $399 MSRP and is currently accepting $20 deposits to reserve a spot. Back orders are piling up so if you would like to get one, we recommend not waiting and getting your deposit in as soon as possible. We are excited to release this product and to forever change the world of shooting. 

The future is coming, and it will ship right to your doorstep!