What Can You Shoot Out of a Can Cannon?

What Can You Shoot Out of a Can Cannon?

Posted by X Products Team on Aug 29th 2022

Do you own a Can Cannon or intend to buy one? The Can Cannon is a launcher from X-Products. The launcher has been 100 % legal in the United States since April 2016. The Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco, and Explosives (BAFTE) made it legal. Reason? The launcher is not considered a war cannon, even though it's an attachment to a firearm.

The best thing is that the launcher is compatible with your AR-15 or M16. As the name suggests, "Can" the Can Cannon is used to launch soda cans. You'll have fun with Can Cannon in your adventure of climbing, fishing, and even when exercising your dog in the garden.

What Else Can You Shoot Out of a Can Cannon Apart From a Soda Can?

Even though the Can Cannon is an attachment made with a soda can in mind, the launcher can fire anything that fits in the tube. However, the item placed must be similarly sized and compatible with the launcher. These items include tennis balls, golf balls, paint cans, whipping cream, candy, shaving cream, and t-shirts. Also, the AR15 Can Cannon is compatible with all approved accessories from X Products.These accessories include launcher cupsgrappling hooksspearfishing accessories, and sizeable balls.

The Can Cannon fires all these items and accessories with a military power of M200 blanks. This feature indicates that it can launch an accessory to an average distance of up to 105 yards. The launcher has a unique safety system that ensures it is impossible to load something that can't be compatible with it. The launcher is customized with a mechanism to reject live ammunition loaded into the chamber. This aspect makes it safe for shooting enthusiasts to use it anywhere for fun purposes.

The Can Cannon operates with a gas pressure tube that ensures the loaded items don't explode or get destroyed when loaded into the launcher. As a result, you don't have to panic when loading your cans or cups into the chamber. The can launcher is safe as long as the attachment doesn't have a mechanical problem. However, don't load an item or accessory that isn't approved by X Products. You risk destroying your Can Cannon or potentially reducing its life span.

Is It Fun To Shoot With a Can Cannon?

Yes, shooting with authentic Can Cannon from X Products is much fun. The adventure or an outdoor activity can't get better than having this launcher. All you have to do is ensure you have enough accessories to launch.

If you are considering going to the mountain or hill climbing, don't forget to carry your Can Cannon. You can use this launcher to aim and use the hooks to provide solid support when climbing. Similarly, if you're a fishing fanatic, the launcher can help you have a better shot at your target by using a fishing hook. Moreover, if you love launching items round, such as balls, you can have fun with this golf ball launcher AR 15.

People ask, "why should you launch a soda or beer can instead of drinking it?" The answer is simple! We say it's because you can, and launching your soda can is more fun. So get your Can Cannon today!