X1 Update! First Response from the ATF

X1 Update! First Response from the ATF

Posted by X Products Team on Feb 17th 2022

We have waited patiently for a response from the BATFE regarding the approval of the X1 Non-Firearm Launcher.

Yesterday we received a formal response. Based on the letter we must make a modification to the X1 before being fully approved as a Non-Firearm launching device. Although this may be discouraging to those who are patiently waiting, this is fantastic news that a single modification will change the determination and allow us to sell it to customers!


We are re-submitting a new sample and expect it to arrive to the Tech Branches office Feb 23rd. In general, it takes up to 6 months or greater for the BATFE to respond to submissions. We will try our best to get an expedited response but will assume based on past experiences that the 6-month clock starts Feb 23rd, pushing our release date out to late October.

Due to the intellectual information provided in the document we will not be publishing the response letter.

Headed to The Gundies? We'll be demonstrating the X1 Launcher there!