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X1 Debuts at the 2022 Gundies

X1 Debuts at the 2022 Gundies

Posted by X Products Team on Feb 28th 2022

Last week we brought several X1 Launchers to the The Gundie Awards in Uvalde, TX to debut the product. This proved to be incredible, and our booth was slammed with Social Media Creators from around the country. The best part is we were able to put the X1 through its paces and really find out if there were any flaws in the product.

We shot over 500 blanks, and ran multiple projectiles from soda cans, grappling hooks, to rockets and aerosol cans. We found the launcher worked perfectly, but needed some slight enhancement to improve the trigger, firing pin and locking mechanism which will be adjusted for future production.

Our booth was packed, and everyone was excited to get a firsthand look at the product. Smiles abound there is no doubt this product is going to be a huge success.

We recently re-submitted a sample to the BATFE and it was received 2/24/22. As we mentioned before, set your clocks for 6 months, that’s generally the time it takes for them to respond.