The X Products Store is Open!!!

The X Products Store is Open!!!

Posted by X Products Team on Nov 16th 2021

Apart of our headquarters Located at 1110 W. 17th Street Vancouver Washington the facility houses our manufacturing, distribution, and administrative offices. The store does not offer firearms, and instead focuses on a large selection of parts and accessories from top tier and upcoming brands, with a focus on customizing your AR15 Rifle, Sig Sauer, and Glock pistols. In addition, the store will offer professional services, and specialty order items that are not available on the website.

To make shopping easy the store is designed to reflect our website, allowing the purchaser to walk through the store and order items on their phone all in the same chronology they are represented in store. If desired a customer could place an order online without having to talk to a representative, which means contactless curbside service, in store pick up is also available. Traditional cash or credit transactions are welcome but if our staff is busy and you’re in a hurry you can process your order without waiting.

Designed with a start to finish layout for building your AR15 or PCC rifle, the store displays parts from left to right, starting with Stocks and buffers, moving to lower parts and upper parts, and ending with barrels, rails, and muzzle devices. Multiple products are offered with good, better, and best options so customers can build their firearm based on budget, brand preference and product performance. To assist, X Products will have products on display so they can touch and feel them before buying. In addition, our knowledgeable staff is writing individual and group reviews on products to help educate customers.

The store gives us an opportunity to provide first class service and work firsthand with local customers, as well as providing cutting edge products and services that are not available online. The future direction of X Products and the products we offer will be heavily influenced by the relationships we create. We look forward to the future and are excited to work with you!