“Gone Fishing” the X Products Spear Launcher

“Gone Fishing” the X Products Spear Launcher

Posted by X Products Team on Aug 12th 2021

Have you ever been spear fishing? Many never have, but those lucky enough know it’s a blast! For us it’s a summer event, where invasive carp species become moving targets. In the past we’d use rifles, but encroaching cities made us move to safer practices, as bullets ricocheting off water is a real phenomenon, and in one case a house was struck 3000 yards away. We’ve since moved away from rifles and started the use of Hawaiian slings, compound bows, and crossbows. All three are safer for our neighbors, but require considerable strength and a steady hand, so we felt it was time to create a new tool, something that was easier to use, cost effective, familiar to operate and could attach to a commonly owned product. From there the X Products Can Cannon Spear Launcher was born.

You’re likely familiar with the Can Cannon since you’re reading this on our blog, but for those who are not, it is a blank operated launcher that mounts on your AR15, converting it from a firearm that shoots bullets to a launcher that can shoot a wide variety of incredibly entertaining projectiles. With that said we have made a lot of projectiles for various applications. When conceptualizing the spear, it was different due to our concern it would re-classify the Can Cannon as a Destructive Device, and many keyboard warrior gun gurus told us it would be. Being stubborn and non-believers of hearsay we met the challenge and set out to prove everyone wrong and sent a sample to the BATFE for review and approval. Surprisingly, it came back approved, and we rubbed it in everyone’s face, because regardless of how smart you think you are you really don’t know until you try.

Powered by 5.56 blank the Can Cannon spear flies at an incredible speed of 200 miles per hour, combined with an 8oz weight its kinetic energy is off the charts. The spear and high power 5.56 blank are only good for short range targets, because the spear will yaw and in general shoot through smaller fish, so tempering it down with our .22 Caliber blank conversion will allow you to run various powered blanks making it functional for various targets. For the most part the product is simple, literally it’s just a spear body whose base fits into the Can Cannon, what you need to harness the power however is a fishing reel, strong fishing line and a broad-head tip for your desired application.

Currently we recommend using hose clamps to secure a reel to the Can Cannon tube. For many this concept to many seems aloof, and it makes us question our customers' intelligence (joking…maybe). The reality is we need to step up the offering, so it doesn’t require much thought, so we’re in the process of developing a spear launcher kit. The kit will be a turnkey solution that will instantly convert a Can Cannon into a potent hunting machine that is easy to operate. We estimate the kits will be available in 2-3 months, but for now are going to continue to the offer just the spear, and let you figure out the rest.

For those of us who have one or would like to purchase one here’s what you need to know…The spear is aluminum, it’s strong but can bend when shot at hard objects, and no matter what it needs to be attached to a fishing line. Shooting it without one is a bad idea, and 1000% more likely to be lost or damaged if you do. It’s important that you hook a reel to your Cannon Tube and tie a strong filament line 60lb or greater to the spear. The line not only recovers the spear but stabilizes it. Without the line the spear will yaw because the gas forcing it out will drive it in random directions and the line will pull it straight. When loading it is important to have the bolt in the rear position because the gas seal is incredibly tight, maximizing performance and the spears’ ability to stay inside the Cannon while shot a negative angle. Once loaded you can drop the bolt and you’re ready to launch. Currently there are no sites for the system, so you’ll have to use good judgement and develop your own standard, after a few shots you’ll quickly find what works.

In the future we are looking at developing siting systems and ways to improve and stabilize the spear for longer distance shots without a line, like bow hunting, that day is coming but it’s still a way out. For now, enjoy the pleasure of shooting short range at targets in the water, because it’s incredibly fun, plus there’s nothing more entertaining than blasting a pop launcher at a fish or floating target!