Copycats, Imitations, and Fraud

Copycats, Imitations, and Fraud

Posted by X Products Team on Sep 7th 2021

In today’s world making an internet purchase can be the best decision you’ve ever made or the worst. There are countless companies who will gladly take your money and give you nothing or provide an inferior product, and we’d like to illuminate some who are taking advantage of our customers.

Internet Fraud

Having spent the past decade providing top quality products and services to customers we have grown a target on our back for imitators who take money and do not provide a product. Two companies, likely the same organization, have been running Facebook and Instagram advertisements using a pirated version of our Number 1 Projectile Launching System video. The Scam is straight forward, an advertisement will pop up in your social media feed, “Remember This!” and it shows our pirated version of our video and a link to their site, where you can buy a Can Cannon for $75 (less than our cost to manufacture). We have had 100’s of calls about buying the product and not receiving it, so don’t fall for this advertisement. We have reported both incidents to Facebook and on both occasions no action has been taken until it’s too late. Two copies of the advertisements are below. Neither companies, Kouois nor Vavsuos, provide or sell a product, but their sites are well made and use the exact verbiage from our site.



It’s said that the best form of flattery is imitation, and we say whoever wrote that was either naive or didn’t live to see the internet era. A few companies have emerged selling products that look similar to ours but are not manufactured by us or for us. X Products has very specific guidelines for tolerances and product finish, we also own the Trademark “Can Cannon,” so no other company can legally market their product as such. When you see one of these Knock Off’s there’s several distinguishing marks that are quickly apparent to the trained eye and are outlined below. One of the most apparent is the seam at the base of the tube, the lack of markings, and a featureless upper receiver. In comparison X Products uses a proprietary seamless tube for both our Can Cannon and X-Fore, so none of our launchers have a seam. In addition, because we use impact extrusions our Can Cannons have incredibly consistent and tight tolerances, these tolerances are specific to our accessories. The company markets this product as a cheap alternative can launcher, and sure you can save money but you’ll receive a product that’s not compatible with our accessories. We routinely receive calls from upset customers who bought a knock off to save money and quickly realize that nothing is compatible. Bottom line if it doesn’t say X Products LLC or Can Cannon, it’s not from us, so be aware.


Do Your Research

It’s important to do research before buying a product online. X Products is the only official online outlet for our products if it’s not at it’s not licensed to be sold online. However, if you see something that looks like ours use the following searches on google before making a purchase and you’ll quickly find out the quality of the company you’re dealing with.

Internet Search terms (Google, Bing, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, Duck Duck Go)

[Company Name] Customer Service

[Company Name] Product Reviews

[Company Name] Better Business Bureau

[Company Name] Customer Complaints

How long has [Company Name] been in business

After performing these searches you’ll quickly realize whether it’s a reputable company, or a charlatan ready to make a quick buck on their next victim. We hope you ask the same questions of us, because you’ll find out quickly that in over a decade, we’ve never had a single negative BBB review or Pissed Customer review. Ultimately the decision is in your hands, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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