X-15 Flame Thrower - Industrial Grade

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X-15 Flame Thrower

The X Products X15 Flamethrower is our industrial grade flamethrower. Using a pressurized Co2 gas system the X-15 achieves incredible saturation and distance making, while providing a 60 second run time. It’s the ideal Flamethrower for ground clearing and controlled burns.

  • 50ft range
  • 60+ seconds firing time (One Co2 tank lasts approximately two tanks of use)
  • Napalm compatible

Each X Products X15 Flamethrower includes:

  • Fully assembled X15 Flamethrower (gun, tank, backpack, etc)
  • One (1) refillable 20oz CO2 tank (extras are available here)

What you’ll need:

CO2 Tank(s) filled: The X15 Flamethrower uses a standard 20oz. CO2 tank that can be easily filled at your local paintball or sporting goods store.

Propane Tank: We recommend using a Bernzomatic 14.1 oz. Propane Gas Cylinder which can be purchased from your local hardware store for a few dollars (Home Depot or Lowes).


Covered by X Products No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty


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