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AR-15 High Capacity Magazines

We have created a high capacity magazine for America’s favorite firearm! AR-15 High Capacity Magazines! The X-15 is constructed from high-quality aluminum, making it strong enough to withstand severe abuse without even breaking a sweat. The X-15 HXP is our skeletonized version – it’s the same high quality, the high capacity magazine only it has a pattern cut into it so, allowing you to see your bullets before and while they are being discharged. Additionally, the HXP version is easier to clear of dust and debris (any X Products high capacity magazine, if taken care of properly, should rarely require this sort of cleaning. However, we cannot guarantee this won’t be needed if you play in the dirt with your toys).

Our AR-15 High Capacity Magazines designed for .223 / 5.56 and 300 Blackout rifles are primarily constructed from aluminum with minimal plastic parts, feature a Cerakote™ finish, and DO NOT require lubrication to operate (NO LUBE REQUIRED).

High capacity magazines for AR-15 .223 /5.56×45 , 9MM, 300 BLK, .308 / 7.62×51. High-quality magazines with 50 round capacity.

Each of our American made magazines is designed to last a lifetime. We are committed to providing the highest quality magazine system on the market.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Zero lube required
  • Aluminum construction
  • Cerakote finish, multiple colors available

The X Products magazine design has been put through rigorous testing my Military, Law Enforcement, Survivalists and Competition Shooters. Our proprietary design allows each magazine to operate at high rates of fire while providing superior reliability. performance and easy loading.

  • .223 / 5.56 fire rate: 1100 rounds per minute
  • .308 / 7.62 fire rate: 850 rounds per minute
  • Designed for military application

Our low-profile design adds increased maneuverability compared to “standard” capacity magazines. The compact design also helps stabilize the rifle during high rates of fire.

  • 50 round capacity aka "high capacity"
  • DOES NOT interfere with bipod functionality
  • Up to 2″ – 4″ shorter than 20 & 30 round magazines