ICARUS Precision and SIG a Perfect Match!

ICARUS Precision and SIG a Perfect Match!

Posted by Nathan McKay - Senior Product Specialist on Nov 25th 2020

The Modularity Game

When it comes to new firearms it’s all about modularity. Gone are the days of iron sights and plastic hand guards. Nowadays, everyone’s looking for the next big innovation. Many products are made to make shooting easier. To name a few, scopes that show you where your shot will hit, high capacity magazines, and adjustable folding stocks to make your rifle easier to carry. These changes have primarily been applied to rifles and carbines, pistol accessories have generally been limited to triggers, slides and mag extensions, but that is about to change.

Sig Sauer, forever changed the pistol market when they released their P320 pistols in 2014. The revolutionary pistols utilized a removable FCU’s (Fire Control Unit) a small metal frame that bears the manufacturing markings and serial number instead of marking the frame or slide. This allowed the pistols to be fully modular, providing the end user the ability to change any part without replacing the registered receiver. When Sig Sauer decided to come out with the P365 pistol in 2019, they knocked it out of the park. The 365 not only had a removable FCU, it was concealable and had a larger magazine capacity than comparable compacts. Shortly after Sig released the P365 XL, an upgraded version of the original. The P365 XL is equipped with a flat trigger and enhanced controls, making it a go to for the competitive shooter feel.

Icarus Precision an innovative Pacific Northwest manufacturer realized the P320/P365 pistols were popular and innovative and began manufacturing pistol frames to improve the ergonomics of the factory Sig Sauer plastic frames. Using billet 7075 aluminum and a 5-axis machine they were able to create frames with greatly improved features, functionality, and aesthetics. They were an instant success, and now manufacture multiple variations for each model. One of our favorites, the P320 Pro Competition (pictured), has a dramatic grip swell, extended beaver tail, extended trigger guard, and improved rail. The unique appearance is not only aesthetically pleasing, but feels like an extension of your body. Working with Dark Alliance Customs, Black Label Holsters, and PMM Parker Mountain Machine, Icarus has created a wide variety of options and accessories for their frames.

When asking yourself where you would purchase such an item look no further than the X Products Marketplace at . Icarus precision is the first customer to offer their entire line of pistol frames there. Black Friday marks the launch of the new platform, and to kick it off Icarus is offering initial launch pricing at 20% off retail! X Products will be rapidly expanding the Marketplace once the initial launch is complete, with plans to offer a full line of products for the Sig P320 and P365. Products will come direct from the manufacturer, and provided full customer support by X Products. Streamlining the supply chain and improving the customer experience.

Browse our website and let us know what you think. If you are a customer feel free to email or call our us anytime with questions, for manufacturers interested in X Products Marketplace please feel free to reach out to Stay Frosty!

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