3 Strikes but we're not out! X1 Update

3 Strikes but we're not out! X1 Update

Posted by The X Products Team on Mar 7th 2023

You have long awaited a new update on the X1 and we are sorry for not getting one out sooner. 

Since October of 2021, we have submitted 3 samples to the ATF, each one being rejected and determined as a readily convertible firearm.

The last said "firearm" took 45 minutes to convert, required them to drill out the chamber, and force a 9x18 cartridge into it. It had to be fired from a vice, had no barrel, but was able to squeeze off a single shot and therefore determined a readily convertible firearm. 

We would love to see the chronograph reading at 2 feet from the muzzle! 

We are not quitters. We know the ATF has a job to do, but so do we. We are preparing our fourth sample, and we are certain that this one will pass, because it has long been the standard used to pass blank fired non firearm devices. 

We want to express our personal frustration in this process as it seems to be subjective. For example there is no published amount of time to consider a firearm "readily convertible." With that said, we are going to do what has been done already, so that if the argument arises we will have 100s of examples to illustrate our design is not a firearm.

We will keep you posted as the journey continues. Keep us in your prayers. Respectfully.