Icarus Precision A-365 Pistol Frame for Sig P365

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Icarus Precision A-365 Pistol Frame for Sig P365

Available in two colors:

  • Sniper Green
  • Armor Black

Description: Billet Machined out of 7075 High strength aluminum The Accuracy, Control, enhanced (ACE) Grip is designed to keep you on target, minimize recoil, and fit all sizes of hands. Features include:

  • Exaggerated finger notch designed to help you lock in.
  • **Palm swells Removed/Replaced** with extra square grip texture on both sides Square grip texture for a more sure handling without the excessive bite That Dimond grips cause.
  • Extended BeaverTail to reduce muzzle flip making repeated/rapid shooting exceptionally controllable.

***Covered by X Products No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty***

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