Defiance Metal Flip Up Sights for AR15

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Defiance metal front and rear flip-up steel sights are perfect for AR15 and various other rifles with picatinny rails. With only a height of .5" when folded down, these rifle sights are extremely low profile. Manufactured utilizing some of the best attainable materials and construction, these particular AR15 steel sights are engineered to last an exceptionally long time. Defiance has been developing high quality products for a number of years, and these flip-up picatinny sights demonstrate their level of care and attention to detail. Whether you're shopping for primary or backup sights, you can depend on Defiance metal flip-up sights to deliver the accuracy, adjustability and longevity you're looking for.


  • Length Folded: 2.0"
  • Width at Base: 1.19"
  • Width at Body: 0.96"
  • Height Folded: 0.50"
  • Weight: 1.85oz

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